GU-RU is a quartet comprising of keys, flute drums and bass. It is a “bouillabaisse of Cosmic funk, soul and Full-Tilt-Motor-Groove” (FMF), drawing inspiration from diverse artists such as The Doors, Yes, ELP, Tame Impala and Herbie Hancock.

For the past decade members of GU-RU have performed worldwide, working with the likes of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Alabama 3 and Z-Star to name but a few.

The band’s second E.P, ‘Into the Light’ was hailed a triumph by critics, describing it as “sounding rather like a young Jim Morrison…fabulous Fender Rhodes…lush horn textures…intergalactic synth accents” (Plunger) and “What these funk virtuosos decided to do is create they’re own version of a psych jazz funk and give us ‘Into The Light’, four radio tunes with enough catchy melodies to stick to your brain” (We are the last beatniks).

Hot on the heels of ‘Into the Light’, comes ‘Flex’, the first single from GU-RU’s highly anticipated upcoming debut album. Described as a “studio 54-meets-Ministry-of-Sound dazzling glitterball-and-laser workout.” (Plunger), ‘Flex’ combines elements of house, space disco, prog and funk to create an instant dance floor-filler.