Horizonz originate from a small city called Exeter in Devon UK, not too far from some other big names who have come from the area such as Muse, Ben Howard, Chris Martin (Coldplay) The area is thriving with natural beauty, country roads and huge open spaces, a beautiful part of the UK, however young musicians can often feel isolated from the bigger cities such as London, where the music scene is much larger and there are greater opportunities. Horizonz ambition was to break away from the smaller towns they grew up in and take their music to the mass market and a wider audience. They began their journey practicing in a small barn building in the countryside in the middle of nowhere and have now progressed to playing festivals all over the UK with their music and fanbase reaching people across Europe through various radio shows & blogs. Horizonz continues to release new music to the world with a new album “The Gathering” soon to be released, they work the festival circuit every year pushing their original music as hard as possible, growing their online audience at the same time, they are very ambitious and will not stop until the world knows the name HORIZONZ. If you enjoy the music, play it loud, share it with friends, support the band’s growth, be part of it and most of all enjoy it.

The band is currently working on the next album which will be released late 2019, the first single from the album “Middle Of The Night” is out now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2t6xKFA34TE .

You can catch up with Horizonz latest shows and tours by visiting the FB page www.facebook.com/horizonzband and clicking events