Scott Jeffers has performed at many festivals throughout the USA, Canada, Turkey and the UK; captivating audiences with a unique approach to the one-man band concept. Fusing different styles of world music using exotic instruments as well as a stompbox invention with Moroccan Karkaba castanets on a hinge system to provide a heavy downbeat Groove.

Captivating sound of the violin, oud, Middle Eastern percussion along with ethnic instruments collected during Scott Jeffers’ journeys dominate the concerts. The compositions range from fiery through playful songs to tragic heart-wrenching ballads inspired while traveling on the treks across the harsh deserts of Jordan and Egypt and across the contrasting landscape of the Emerald Isle, on the sand dunes of Morocco, at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in birdsong filled forests of Transylvania, in the rainforests of Malaysia; and touring the ancient amphitheaters in Turkey.